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Shenzhen leather handbags handbags handbag factory on the maintenance strategy
Leather Handbag Bag maintenance strategy, I believe that many female friends all know, have a addicted to love bag habit, especially the pigg, leather styles of. Leather handbags handbags what brand is good? Leather handbags handbags daily nursing method? However, due to a female friend of leather handbags handbags maintenance methods inadequate, resulting in the fabric bag is damaged; in fact, leather maintenance really unavoidable?! Leather absorption ability, should always keep clean, pay attention to anti fouling, especially high-grade abrasive sand leather to pay attention to. Handbag factory in Shenzhen to provide handbags OEM production of leather handbags, in industry widely welcomed by consumers. It is found that many customers do not understand leather products of daily maintenance, now with you to elaborate on one one Oh!
Leather Handbag Bag Maintenance Tips:
1, the correct use of leather bags can improve the durability of the leather bag.
(1) if the bag wet or damp, will lead to deformation, dry bags should be
(2) to avoid hand decorated hardware with exposure to chemicals, not smooth skin into a plastic bag;
(3) different colored handbags, do not cling together.
2 daily care: daily simple care, will make the skin more durable
(1) if the leather handbag bag wet should be first with a clean dry cloth or paper towels to absorb moisture, and put it in a cool dry ventilated besides, let the bag to dry naturally.
(2) wet bag must be careful not to directly placed in the sun exposure, or put in next to the air conditioner or with a hair dryer, otherwise it will burst phenomenon appeared in the surface of the fabric bag.
(3) to keep the daily cleaning, regular care leather, can use dirt repellent on the leather, should first be coated in a clean, dry cloth, but avoid using washing or exposure to chemicals.
(4) when the storage bag, can put a little moisture beads.