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Shenzhen handbag handbag and clothing color collocation skills

Modern fashion life a suitable handbags handbag Zhang show individual character, but if there is no clothes and a good match, but will counterproductive. The following new handbag factory jinlongda talk handbag bag with some small clothing color collocation knowledge:

1, Black Handbag Bag - noble, elegant, mysterious, sexy, and the color of collocation clothes: white, gray, blue.

2, red handbag bag - passion and romantic, sexy color - black, white, yellow, blue, green

3, white handbags bags -- clear, quiet, pure color collocation can -- with all the matching color.

4. The Green Handbag bag, the natural color, cool, life can be tie-in dress color: the most appropriate of black, white and various shades of green, and yellow near complementary red (not the best solid),

5, gray Handbag Bag - mature neutral color can be with any color collocation

6, Pink Handbag Bag - unique female color can collocation clothes color - white, black, dark pink - Rose

7, orange handbags bags, passion and full of vitality of color is tie-in dress color -- colored orange, yellow, and basic colors, white, black, green, blue pattern clothing,

8, Purple Handbag Bag - noble elegant color, women like, but it is difficult to collocation color collocation clothes color - the same as the color of different shades of purple; black, white, yellow, gray

9, blue Handbag Bag - deep + mysterious quiet, refreshing, sensible, deep color of collocation clothes - basic color white and black (bag, shoes)

10, coffee and cream colored handbags bags, mature, experienced, quiet (m cold, warm meters) can match the clothes color -- basic colors (black, white, grey, blue),

Above these are the skills that we offer to you with handbags and clothing, and hope that you can use it for the love of beauty! Shenzhen handbags Xinjinchang dragon of specializing in the production of all kinds of handbags, bags, bags, excellent quality, fashion design is a lot of the pursuit of beautiful friend upper choice oh!