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Shenzhen handbag factory to teach you how to buy the workplace Handbag Bag

Believe that many who just stepped into the society of professionals will suspect backpack in the end what is the situation, and how to buy a handbag bag in the workplace, and some travel of senior white-collar workers, found selling luggage market and Shenzhen handbag factory of a pile of bags are a style; that how to do it, if for commuting to work, travel, parties, dinners, meetings and other different workplace environment, how tie-in appropriate handbags bags? For just enter new workplace how to choose the right bags open "prescription".


1, commuter bag. Commuter package. This package is recommended to choose leather has a strong, wear-resisting properties, the space inside the bag can hold A4 paper, select commuter bag is characterized not choose bag leather too collapsed, the air bag in the table can best maintain original undisturbed and moderate solid, because soft qualitative Commuter Bag easy to cause collapse of the professional image, no professional impression of workplace temperament, general senior white-collar workers are hard choice a commuter bag.


2, travel bag and leisure bag. Travel packages and leisure packages can be common, it is recommended when the choice of models can be inclined back can also be a single shoulder, size and body height collocation, you can put some small items can be used, travel, shopping or business can be, not only good to use and look good.


3, party and evening bag bag. The evening and party package is general, can be the same occasion, are responsible for entertainment, suggested in buy as far as possible to choose fabric luster feeling good bag, it is best to chain decoration, can carry on the back can take, in the entertainment can be when the bag.