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Shenzhen handbag factory how to get more orders?

Now in the market to do more and more difficult to develop new customers, the loss of old customers, is the biggest problem facing the handbag factory, especially the development of electronic commerce, serious impact on business sales channels in China, labor costs are squeezed into the profit margins, more important is the customer's credit problems, if a Shenzhen handbag factory production out of the bag, many people do not believe that the quality is good or bad, etc..


Credit determines the biggest problem in the handbag processing factory, how to let the customer believe that you process the handbag is genuine leather? Instead of artificial leather on the market it? So the credibility of the Shenzhen handbag factory to determine the customer's credit, increase corporate brand reputation and reputation, is the best way to solve the problem of credit.


In handbags processing industry, with customers existing problem in general is raw material of credit, and handbag factory scale, production capacity of credit, many enterprises use artificial skins instead of leather production, deceive customers or consumers, production capacity, manufacturing process and quality mark to meet the needs of the customers, which can let an enterprise credit damage, and loss of a lot of potential customers and orders.


So handbags processing factory in order to have more orders in the processing business, we must change the strong situation, the establishment of customer credit, only in this way can solve the problem.