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Shenzhen Chuang xing leather handbags Co., Ltd. is a professional in the production and development of all types of new fashion leather nylon Handbag purse bag of Shenzhen handbag factory. Chuang Xing leather handbags Co. Ltd. is located in Baoan District Fuyong baishixia Eastern Shenzhen Xingyi industrial city A1 building 6 floor C.

The company is engaged in the production of leather handbags leather products have more than 20 years, well versed in the product production of fine and to ensure that the product has a high level of quality, strive to each a product to meet customer requirements and to satisfy the customers. Bingzhe precise, accurate details as a benchmark, with high quality and excellent quality to win the idea, the customer's requirements and satisfaction always put in the first place. Customers can be the company's products and services approved and satisfaction is the company's largest support and encouragement.

Today, the market economy is developing rapidly, and the market prospect is bright. In the future development, the company will continue to make unremitting efforts to strengthen the fine production management, integrity management intentions, with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience and product expertise, reasonable price and high quality to win customer trust. Opportunities and challenges, development and glory is also a presence, Shenzhen Chuang xing leather handbags Co., Ltd. will redouble their efforts to provide customers with quality service, and work together to create a win-win cooperation! Thank you very much for your visit to the company website, welcome to visit our company to visit our company and negotiate the consultation service! Shenzhen Chuang xing leather handbags Co., Ltd. will with professional service and reasonable prices to complete every cooperation with you, let us join hands to develop a better future!

The production equipment of the company is as follows:

The cutting machine 3

Computer synchronized machine 20

Mouth high car 15

Fine mouth high car 3

DY car 35

Electric flat car 20

Shovel leather machine 5

Glue machine 5

And other leather production equipment.

The main products of the company are as follows:

According to the classification of products: when the section series bags, wallet series, digital products leather series, ice bag series, travel bag, gift sets, such as series;

According to the material classification: leather, nylon, leather, PU, PU PVC and other products, negotiate.

The company can also according to customer requirements, the production of special products to customers.